many goodies in one package

We know how important displaying your photos in a beautiful package is.
Therefore we created our beautiful packages to help you showcase your stunning photos.

Wedding Album Parent Set

Each package includes the following:

1x Large Album

any format

2x Small Albums

same format as the Large Album

1x Bamboo Box

for the Large Album

2x Album Bags

for the Small Albums

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Package Price: £232

*or the equivalent in USD/EUR

Wedding Album Package Set
Wedding Album Bags

Pick any size between 30x30/30x36/25x75 cm for the Large Album.

Then choose one cover style from our Collection and customize it through the Album Wizard using our Premium Fabrics and Materials. Afterwards, you can personalize the album using UV Printing, embossing or engraving.

Every Large Album comes with one of our beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo boxes.
The bamboo boxes protect your most cherished memories so you can enjoy them years from now.

Wedding Albums
Photobook Engraving

Parents albums are two small albums 20x20/20x24/15x23 cm and have the same ratio as the Large Album.

Each parent album comes with a canvas bag.

Wedding Album Bamboo Box
Photobook Box