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Cover Personalisation – Metal Type Debossing

What is Debossing?

Debossing is the processes of creating recessed relief images and designs in paper, leather and other materials. Debossing can be used in combination with foil stamping to add depth and impact to a design.

This can be done using metal types (we have several fonts and sizes available) or using custom dies if you need a custom graphic like a logo or a font that we do not have.

You can order covers in blind deboss (no foil) or using gold, silver, cream foils.

Debossing using our Metal Types

We arrange individual metal types into a type holder, forming words from the combination of letters and symbols. The finished surface, constructed from moveable metal types is pressed into the cover resulting in a deep impression. This can be done using foil or no foil. The process is called blind deboss when no foil is being used.

The resulting depth depends on the material thickness (for example leather is thicker than linen).

Debossing using custom dies

If you have a custom logo or graphic we can transform this into a custom die in order to emboss the cover. Once we have the custom die we can use it as many times as needed without any additional costs. It can be used without foil (blind emboss) or using gold, silver or cream foil.


The price for custom dies depends on the die area. It costs $8 per square inch or $1.2 per cm2.

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